Primary Logos

The official University of Florida logo is known as the signature.

Primary Signature

The University of Florida has both vertical and horizontal variations of the signature to meet differing design needs. Together they comprise the university’s signature system. The University of Florida signature is the official logo for use on all university communications. The horizontal version may be used with or without the theme line.

Horizontal signature with the monogram and wordmark
UF Vertical signature

Do not alter the signature artwork, aspect ratio or colors.

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UF Signature

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UF Signature with Themeline

Vertical Signature

The vertical signature variation can be used when space is limited or when the signature must be placed in a grouping of other logos. (For example, sponsorship or partnership listings).

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Vertical Signature for the University of Florida

UF Wordmark

When the complete signature is unable to be used for design reasons, this version of the signature is included for limited use on publications.

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UF Wordmark

UF Monogram

The UF monogram alone has a very visible presence for apparel and promotional items. On occasion this may be used alone but should never be combined with other logos, graphics or titles.

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UF Monogram

University Seal

The university seal is a registered trademark and is reserved for official and ceremonial uses only, as determined by the Office of the President. Examples include diplomas, legal documents, commencement programs, policy manuals, formal invitations and certificates/awards. The official seal symbolizes the formal authority vested in the university, and its use will be at the discretion of the Office of the President. It will no longer be used in conjunction with the wordmark. For permission to use the seal, contact 352-846-3903 or
UF University Seal