Color Reference

The University of Florida color palette (PMS, CMYK, Web) should be used whenever possible. The traditional orange and blue will remain a dominant design element enhanced by a palette of complementary and accent colors

Primary Color Palette

  • Pantone 172
  • Pantone 287
  • C-0, M-70, Y-100, K-0
    R-243, G-112, B-33
  • C-100, M-60, Y-0, K-20
    R-0, G-84, B-150

To assist designers with color decisions, the below secondary color palette is offered. This palette is meant to be a guide for publications and products and to complement the primary palette.

Neutral Color Palette

  • C-10, M-20, Y-40, K-10
    R-207, G-182, B-145
  • C-10, M-0, Y-15, K-10
    R-207, G-219, B-203
  • C-0, M-5, Y-20, K-0
    R-255, G-239, B-207
  • 35% Black

Bright Color Palette

  • C-50, M-0, Y-85, K-35
    R-94, G-142, B-63
  • C-60, M-80, Y-0, K-35
    R-89, G-54, B-116
  • C-0, M-35, Y-100, K-0
    R-25,2 G-175, B-23
  • C-0, M-100, Y-90, K-10
    R-215, G-24, B-42

Muted Color Palette

  • C-50, M-20, Y-0, K-15
    R-108, G-154, B-195
  • C-10, M-50, Y-85, K-0
    R-226, G-143, B-65

Preeminence Color Palette

  • C-33, M-0, Y-16, K-0
    R-168, G-220, B-217
  • C-54, M-3, Y-81, K-20
    R-128, G-190, B-99
  • C-12, M-4, Y-21, K-0
    R-224, G-229, B-205