Signature Usage

The signature, wordmark or monogram must be used as a prominent graphic element in all publications — print and electronic — affiliated with the university.

UF logos are registered trademarks, so it is important that you not alter the artwork in any way. This includes changing the aspect ratio or colors, or combining it with other graphic elements, type or logos. UF symbols may be reproduced only from original master copies in this site. If you do not find the signature you need, contact University Relations at 352-846-3903 or

Primary Signature

The “primary” signature is the choice for use on the majority of university communications. There are several variations of the primary signature to meet differing design needs, and together they comprise the university’s signature system.
Horizontal signature with the monogram and wordmark

UF Signature with Themeline

The university’s themeline is “The Foundation for The Gator Nation.” The themeline acts as a foundation, both in word and function, appearing under the full length of the signature. The themeline should be used with the UF signature whenever possible on publications and other external and internal communications. The themeline may be used independently of the UF signature, but the type font must be maintained.
UF Signature with Themeline

Vertical Signature

The vertical signature variation can be used when space is limited or when the signature must be placed in a grouping of other logos. (For example, sponsorship or partnership listings).
Vertical Signature for the University of Florida

UF Wordmark

Use when the complete signature cannot be used for design reasons. This version of the signature is included for limited use on publications.

UF Wordmark

UF Monogram

The UF monogram alone has a very visible presence for apparel and promotional items. On occasion this may be used alone but should never be combined with other logos, graphics or titles. (Example)
UF Monogram

University Seal

The university seal is reserved for official and ceremonial uses only, as determined by the Office of the President. Examples include diplomas, legal documents, commencement programs, policy manuals, formal invitations and certificates/awards. The official seal symbolizes the formal authority vested in the university, and its use will be at the discretion of the Office of the President. It should not be used in conjunction with the wordmark. For permission to use the seal, contact 352-846-3903 or
UF University Seal

Optional variations

Orange and Blue two color version with themeline (preferred use):

Orange and blue two color version

Orange and Blue two color version:

Orange and blue two color version of UF Signature

Blue PMS 287:
Blue PMS 287 color version of UF Signature
Black version of UF Signature
White (reversed):
White reversed version of UF Signature

Clear Zones

The signature must be surrounded on all sides by clear space. The clear space should be no less than one-half the height of the “UF” monogram. Do not print graphics, rules, typography or other elements in this area.
Clear zone for UF Signature


For the greatest impact and readability, a minimum logo size has been established. The size of the UF signature should not be less than one and a half inch in length and proportions should not be altered.
Minimum size for UF Signature


Orange and blue comprise one of the most distinguishable elements of the university’s identity. The two-color signature is always preferred. Both black and white may be used as a substitute if the official colors do not work or are not available.

Official colors are Pantone 172 (orange) and Pantone 287 (blue).

University of Florida Official Colors
Blue 287 0, 33, 165 C100, M60, Y0, K20 #0021A5
Orange 172 255, 74, 0 C0, M70, Y100, K0 #FF4A00

Unacceptable Variations

Maintaining the integrity of the university signature is important. It must be presented in a clear, consistent, and effective manner.

Unacceptable Variations for UF Signature

Always use original digital art. The signature cannot be redrawn, re-proportioned or modified in any way. Use of a font or art similar to the official UF trademarks in order to circumvent the requirements is not allowed if it is visually similar enough to be confused with type/art used in the registered trademark.

Athletic Marks

The University of Florida athletic logo, trademark, mascot and name are reserved for use by the University Athletic Association and its entities. The “Gator Head” logo should never appear with or replace the university signature.

Gator Head LogoGators Athletic Logo

Use of the athletic logo in addition to the UF logo in special publications that promote spirit may be given by the Office of University Relations at 352-846-3903 or

Use of the athletic logo, trademarks, mascot or name is prohibited in advertising that promotes non-athletic activities and entities.

Licensed Products: The athletic logo is available to organizations that have signed an agreement with the university. For information, visit the UF Licensing Department, 352-375-4683 –

Use of UF trademarks by non-UF entities

Any associations or affiliates of the university wishing to use the university signature, wordmark or monogram must have prior approval and must use it in accordance with the guidelines in this manual. To request permission, contact University Relations at 352-846-3903.

In situations where strategic and/or financial relationships exist, the trademark(s) or logo(s) of the associate or associates may be displayed in printed and electronic communications with prior approval, but should be separated from the UF trademark by at least one half inch and should not be given prominence over the UF mark. Graphic elements that appear to connect or combine the UF trademark with other logos or graphics are not allowed.